DIY social media buttons ...{buttoning up}...

Here it is the third and final part to my series on creating your very own social media buttons from your drawing or picture.

As I mentioned in part 2 this same process can be done for a number of blogging needs.  If you haven't already read parts 1 and 2 check them out here.
Social media buttons part 1 ...{creating your art}...
Social media buttons part 2 ...{becoming a button}...
And here we go with part 3 ...{buttoning up}...

1st There are a few approaches to assigning your picture a html code.  Here's what I do.  Begin a draft blog post.  Don't post this just keep it in draft form.

2nd Insert an image.  Select the button you created during part 2.

3rd Right click on the button and select> open in a new window.

4th Copy the web address

5th If you already have social media buttons that connect users to your other social accounts the process from here is fairly simple.  If this button will be your first I found an AWESOME blog post that helped me to add my first buttons to my blog. Here is the blog post that really helped me get started Pep's Top Blog

6th Back to finish the job.
Let's assume you now have a gadget that allows you to add HTML format to finalize your buttons.  Open that gadget.

7th Paste the address for your picture within the quotes right after <img src="   "/>
...{see image above}...
8thPaste the address for your website ...{pinterste, etsy, facebook etc}... within the quotes right after <a href="    "target="_blank">
 ...{see image above}...
9thClick save.  Then view your blog to be sure things look just that way you were imagining.

Congratulations you have beautiful new social media buttons that are completely one of a kind.

...{If you found this series helpful please send it around and be sure to button up with this button made just for you}...  
 Click here to button up.

Thanks for trusting me to take you on this journey!

And as always if you have any questions about something you've seen here get in touch,
I'm glad to help!

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