DIY social media buttons ...{creating your art}...

Super simple DIY social media buttons this concept is great for adding a personal touch to your blog or site!

watercolor pencils
paint brush
Fine tip markers ...{make sure they're waterproof}...
to be honest you could use anything markers . crayons . a pen
...{I used watercolor pencils because they make very brilliant colors}...

 1st sketch your design and begin shading your piece.
Remember that when you apply water the colors will smudge together beautifully so tiny details may not come out exactly as they look now.

2nd Apply a small amount of water to your brush and delicately apply it to your paper.
If you have areas you want to emphasize trace them with the wet brush in the direction of your pencil lines.

Isn't this stuff awesome?  I'm so in love with watercolor pencils!  I remember the first set I "we" ever owned.  One year for Christmas my Aunt Jennie and Uncle Bruce sent my sister Amanda a set.  She was nice enough to share as we experimented making postcards.  I didn't realize how much I would come to love them so simple and cheery.   
...{Sorry back to the project}...

3rd Let your painting dry.  This shouldn't take to long.

4th Outline areas you want to emphasize with your fine tip marker.

Taa Daa!  A masterpiece. Scan or take a picture of your final work.  If you're taking a picture try to do so in natural lighting and without a flash.

Now it's time to edit this beauty in part2 ...{becoming a button}...

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