DIY: Robin Inspired Wreath

Yea, I'm so glad you're joining me for this wonderful spring DIY wreath.  You'll be sure to impress your guests with your style.

for the wreath
a grape vine wreath {I made my own but they also sell them at craft stores}
1 can of spray paint {I used Kyrlon Blue Ocean Breeze}
 cardboard or a drop cloth

& for the super cute eggs
3 perfectly cheap plastic eggs
hot glue and a glue gun 
jute or a natural looking yarn

Lay your wreath on a drop cloth or piece of cardboard
Start shaking your spray paint {follow the directions for the best coat}

 Paint your wreath 
{I like the shabby chic look so I didn't stress about getting the coat perfectly even}

Let that baby dry
Turn on your glue gun and begin working on your eggs

Start at one end of your egg and apply a dot of glue.
Press one end of the jute onto the warm glue
Continue working around the egg adding only as much glue as you can wrap before it dries.

Turning my vision into a reality was easier with the help of a sharpie. 

Switch it up: I used three different patterns for my eggs
{one wrapped lengthwise, one wrapped diagonally around the egg and one
with a swirled pattern}

Completely wrap each egg delicately cutting off the jute at each end.  
Leave your glue gun on.

Hang your wreath to find the perfect orientation.
Once your wreath is hung lay the eggs onto the wreath and pick the composition that looks right to you.
Grab your glue gun and put a dot of glue on each egg.  Then secure it to your wreath.

Impress all who come to your home!

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  1. I love this Spring wreath! So cute in person too! I love that you added the "Pin it" button, that makes it much easier for people to spread the word about your great work!

    Keep it up Sis!