Please stop throwing stones!

So this post goes off topic from many of my recent posts but for a very valuable reason.  I just read a very hurtful blog post from a woman who very cruelly writes about how "miscarriages are NOT baby deaths."   If you really want to read her post{keep in mind by licking you might get upset and you will certainly help boost the number of people who have viewed her blog} here it is.  I very strongly disagree with her post and this mentality that a baby lost during pregnancy isn't a baby.  I took a considerable amount of time crafting my comment to her post and am proud of what I have to say on the topic:

  1. Erica says:
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    I respectfully disagree with your opinions on this delicate topic. I truly had no idea that a parent could be so confident that loosing a pregnancy does not by virtue of what it is include loosing a child.

    As a VERY PROUD mom of two boys {one in heaven and one here on earth} I feel it is my obligation to speak from my experiences. To throw out a blanket statement as you do “miscarriages are NOT baby deaths” is incredibly hurtful to me and plenty of people who have and have not lost a child. What’s wrong with imagining for a moment that a death whether it occurs at 15 weeks or 15 years is in fact the death of a child?

    As a blogger myself I take considerable care when crafting a post because I’m concerned about how my words may impact others. The way you so cruelly discounted the words of those who consider a miscarriage to be the loss of a baby shows me that you don’t take the same care!

    My question to you is why do you feel so passionate about this that you discount the sadness and grief of parents and the life of a child?

    I’m so happy to see that a number of people have taken the courage to comment and share their stories in the hope of encouraging people such as yourself to stop throwing stones. I would like to remind you that you’ve been given the ability to communicate with others. Please use that to do good rather than to judge and belittle the life of innocent babies who pass away before they can be properly welcomed into this world.
Seth's footprints

 {So apparently I'm a terrible mom~ I can't find Damon's footprints right now}
I found a lot of other items from our hospital stay but no footprints.
I'll update once I've found them. Ha ha
Damon's footprints 
I believe very strongly that the only way that people will begin to understand the true loss of a child who passed away during pregnancy is when parents {like me} talk about their experiences.  I guess the point I most wanted to get across in my comment was what good does posting something so hurtful do?  Okay so say the entire world agrees with her that a miscarriage isn't the loss of a baby would she feel satisfied that she changed the world for the better?  What if the entire world agreed with her except one brave couple who experienced this loss and cared enough to see their child as a baby rather than "the idea of a baby" (as was suggested by that blogger).  Would she try to convince them that their child wasn't truly a baby?  And in the end what good would that bring about?

...{I'm so proud to be the mom of Seth Alexander and Damon Brent.  
I am confident that without knowing and loving each of these babies my life wouldn't be as complete and full of perspective as it is.
I pray that I can do great things in my life and make these kiddos proud}...

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  1. Well said Erica! It's surprising that people feel the need to say those kinds of things when it doesn't do any GOOD in the world. (I didn't find the link to the other article but I'm not sure that I want to read it anyhow.)

    Keep blogging Girl!