Good night moon!

Damon was amazed by the last full moon. Prior to that I'd never noticed him point at it or talk to it.  Once he noticed he wasn't about to forget.  His first words the next morning were "moon, moon" as he pointed towards his window.

For the last two weeks he's been chatting amount the moon.  Living our in the country we're spoiled with great views of the night sky.  ...These blurry pictures certainly don't do justice to our view.  Last night we saw a glimpse of the moon between clouds and today as Damon and I were playing he noticed the moon out our front window.  We laid together admiring the moon for 10+ minutes ...{way longer than this little man generally stays still}...  

As he waved "bye bye moon" I imagined how so many things will change in his lifetime and how so many will stay the same.  He'll see trillions of innovations and new technologies come and go.   He'll hopefully know a world where terrible things no longer happen.  A place where people have learned to coexist with one another and with our plant.  And he'll always know that this moon... the one we so love... will always be in the sky smiling down on him.

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