Vacation & Happy 2012!

So we wrapped up an awesome 10 vacation days together.  We enjoyed so many fun times and have made a load of new memories.  One thing I haven't made... well anything related to my sOnflower shop.  I dreamt of productive afternoon work sessions in the studio as Mr. D. napped.  Turns out there wasn't a single one of those.  We spent days sleeping in... that's right until 7:30!  We lacked the routine of a work week and had a blast visiting friends and family around town.

I'm always very hard on myself.  I didn't used to be but as I've assumed the roles of mom, wife, and now blogger and business owner I make to do lists that could last a year and expect to complete these tasks within a week.  I beat myself up when I've failed to accomplish everything on that terrible list.  I'm still so full of ideas and inspiration but and nervous about the ways that these projects will become a reality.  Starting this week my official job will occupy 30 hours of my week ...{last year I worked 20 hours a week at the day job}...

I hate to add creative time to the calendar after all it should be fluid ...{an as the idea springs into my head sort of thing}... but I'm just not sure I can pull off approaching projects as the inspiration comes to me.

...{and here are some vacation pictures}...
Mommy and Mr. D enjoying a visit to the MOST Dino exhibit.  So amazing!

A visit to the MOST in Syracuse. I love this picture!

Working on Mr. D's new Christmas stocking :)

So many presents so little time.
Hope everyone is enjoying a happy healthy 2012! I wish everyone great new successes in the new year!

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