Merry Christmas!

I'm a lucky lady and days like this are perfect for bringing me back down to earth.  Just a few short years ago I dreampt of a Christmas morning like the one we shared today.  Sweet wake up kisses from a precious child, giggles and goofiness as we nibbled on monkey bread, opened packages and played with toys.  ...{today was a perfect day to remember how fortunate we are and how much our lives have changed in recent years}.... 
I'm still getting acquainted with the many demands that come with adding ...{my sOnflower}... to my plate.  In all I'm thrilled to be a shop owner, an outward creator and a blogger.  Yet I'm feeling the demand of letting others down, slamming into creative blocks and fearing that I don't have what it takes.  I learned a lot during my "12 days of Christmas" endeavor... I'm a busy person and I need to acknowledge that Christmas is one of the busiest times of year in our home adding a new requirement for each day was rough and clearly didn't work out as perfectly as I had hoped.  In the end I decided that extra moments with my husband and Mr D. were better than stressing about the blogging thing after all I need to do what's natural and fun.    Thanks for listening.

A word of encouragement for a super special new beginning...
Thanks to pinterst!

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