Happy ...{belated}... Cyber Monday!

So yesterday was a sneaker in the refrigerator kind of day.

Confused?  Maybe it'll be more clear if I say it was a basketball in the Christmas tree kind of day.  Still lost?  Me too! 

Lots of silly things are happening around our home as the excitement of Christmas is once again upon us.  I've been challenged to create beautiful holiday pieces that are also 17 month old friendly.  This year all of our Christmas decorations are family friendly so creativity has been the key to keeping beautiful pieces of art that inspire each of us.  I had a blast creating my first candy cane wreath made entirely of painted grape vine wreath.  Please do check out the recently added items on my sOnflower shop.  As always your feedback is very much appreciated!
And he closed his eyes to Mom's favorite Christmas movie! ...{So sweet!}...

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