Is there room, room for another mom blog?  My short answer… certainly.  I’m craving the opportunity to share, to make a difference, to live each day aspiring to make my boys proud of their mom.  This blog is a way for me to share my journey to live this life fully and to create pieces that can in turn better this world.  On October 23rd (the second anniversary of Seth's due date) I will be launching my whimsical shop featuring one of a kind stationary and home decor pieces.  My shop will part of the Etsy community, I'm very excited about this new opportunity. For those of you who aren't familiar Etsy is the world's handmade marketplace.
I’m a mom of two beautiful sons.  Our first son, Seth Alexander, is my inspiration he illuminated for me the need to live each day fully.  Seth passed away during our pregnancy in July of 2009.  Since the minute I saw him I knew I must make that little boy proud.  I can’t allow his brief life to go unnoticed.  Less than a year after delivering Seth we welcomed our second son, Damon Brent, another great inspiration!  Damon brings new joy to my life each day.  After we had Seth my husband and I spent a lot of time reflecting on where we were in our lives and imagining where we would like to be.  I was sure that I wanted to share our story and hopefully find a way to help the legacy of our son Seth live on.  With the day to day tasks involved with raising Mr. Damon and keeping a happy home I haven’t spent much time working on my goal of expanding Seth’s legacy.  My new shop and this blog will be a small part of that dream.

I dream of making a difference, of helping others and of making my kiddos proud.  I will donate a significant amount of my profit to the March of Dimes in memory of the babies whose lives just weren't long enough.  I’m very much a perfectionist and literally fear failure but I’m ready to take this leap and give my dream a chance.  Here goes...
{the view from my studio}

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