Etsy preview

A year in the making... {strike that} a lifetime in the making.  I've always loved to create and have dreamed of turning that passion into a career.  Inspired by our sons I've decided it's time to take the leap to turn this dream into an attainable vision.

Here's a preview of the home decor pieces I've created
~pieces will be for sale on my Etsy site beginning~

Vino Inspiration

Copper Autumn

Tear Drop

Petite Beauty

I've handmade all of these wreaths from wild grape vines.  Several of the wreaths have been embellished with copper wire or ribbon. Each has it's own character and style.  I'll be adding more sneak peaks throughout the week leading up to the launch of my sOnflower on Etsy.  Please check back often.


  1. Wow... these are awesome! Seriously! When you told me you had made wreaths I didn't expect them to be so different and creative. I love these.

  2. These are wonderful....I saw one the other day in person and they are simply lovely! Great Job!