My sOnflower shop is just about there...

As I sat this morning to work on my sOnflower shop the lovely hills outside my studio window were swallowed by miles of gray sky and dreary weather.  I turned the heat up (don't tell my husband) and got cozy with an extra hoodie to finalize my shop policies.  Time for creating was cut short but boy is my head and sketchbook full of ideas.

What's to come?
Good question I'm hoping to put out a few holiday card designs that will feature room for families to include a pre-printed photo.  I'll share concepts here soon.

I've also been experimenting with wine bottle toppers.  Snazy themed charms to make any bottle of wine into a well throughout gift for the host of your next holiday gathering.

Silhouette pillows.  Save those precious moments with a silhouetted pillow.  I just cut Damon's silhouette out of black felt and it looks awesome- I'll post pictures once I have one completed.

Wreath cork-boards. This concept came out of the need to switch up the traditional huge rectangle of a cork-board in our kitchen.  Might as well be in scripted with "This board does nothing for the look of your room!"  Anyhow I thought it might be neat to combine part of my cork-board with one of my favorite recent creations a grapevine wreath.  Today I prepared the background of the cork-board and I'll be cutting it down to size and framing it with a wreath soon.  The concept in my head seems super easy and I'll include pictures so you can make one at home.

I always knew starting a shop would be a lot of work but even I underestimated the number of hours it would take for me to establish my site just the way I envision it.  I tend to be a planner intricately choreographing nearly every minute of my day so needless to say I'm certainly out of my element here.  I don't know what I don't know.  If that makes any sense.  In other words I'm still trying to figure out exactly what things I need to learn to become successful.  I'm very fortunate to be learning from other successful Etsy shop owners and local business owners.

As you'll learn I have far more ideas than I do time 
but I'm committed to bringing as many of them to life as possible.
I look forward to sharing pictures, simple do it yourself projects and 
of course new postings on my sOnflower shop!

He had more fun scooping the pumpkin guts off the table and putting them back into the pumpkin! That's our silly boy!

Pumpkin guts!


  1. Looks like this was lots of fun for his second Pumpkin carving! thanks for sharing.

  2. Love the idea of a silhouette pillow! I can't wait to see it! Maybe you could make us one of Turbo, if I give you a picture.

    Also, I like the wine topper idea/wreaths! Keep the great work up! I'm so glad that you are pursuing your great creative ideas and making this happen!

  3. Hey I'll take you up on the offer to make one of Turbo. Do send me a profile picture of Turbo and Mocha, I can't wait to try my hand at puppy silhouettes. I'll post pictures here when they're done. Any one else want one? I'll be glad to make personalized Etsy listings!