How to...{New cork board}...

So here's the new cork board I created this morning.  Isn't she beautiful?  Below are the steps that brought this new piece to life.  The total time to decorate and hang my board (once it was painted) was under 1 hour.
1. Paint your existing bulletin board (I used white acrylic gesso that included a hint of blue acrylic paint.)  The board will need about 12 hours to dry fully.  If you don't have gesso a plain acrylic paint should do just fine.

2. Draw the shape onto the back of the board.  Then used an x-acto knife and followed your lines to cut the entire shape out. 

3-5. Plan the design out in your head and began creating.  Use materials that are at your fingertips chances are there's no need to go shopping for this project.  (Here I used a hot glue gun to adhere ribbon to the board.  I also glued ribbon around the side of the board for a finished look.  Stamps were laid on the cork board with a corresponding copper color.)

6. Measure to find the center of the board and place marks on the back.  Then use a hot glue gun to adhere a plain ribbon to the back of your board.  This will be used as the guide when you thread the ribbon that will hang your board.

7. The berries and ribbon that I used where great to add dimension an otherwise lacking board.

8. Choose a wire ribbon in a corresponding color.  Take that ribbon and thread it through the ribbon you glued on the back of your board.  Tie a bow and hang your new board prominently in your home.  Enjoy!

I would love to post pictures of your new cork board here just send them my way.  Hopefully this project can help you tie your bulletin board (an essential part of our hectic lives) into the decor you have throughout your home.  Be creative and have fun!

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