A day of reflection and planning

Dare I say I'm ready to make a switch.  I've been researching blogging platforms and web design.  I just feel like something isn't right with this blog.  Like that peddle I'm pushing has been touching the floor for a while now but I'm still maxing out at an impressive 2.3 MPH.  Discouraged, anxious and dedicated ...{if there can be such a combination}... I'm considering making a big change.  Like upgrading from my golf cart to a sleek new Jag.

Todays dose of randomness
The other night my Husband and I were imagining the day when our little guy will loose his first tooth.  It's a long way out ...{I hope}... The thought reminded me of a tradition in my family as we grew up.  When each of the three sisters had their first loose tooth my mom made a huge deal about going to JoAnn fabrics for some special fabric and ribbon.  We'd eagerly head home to begin work on a new tooth fairy pillow.  Oh how I love family traditions.   As I mentioned the story to my Husband he laughed trying to play down the fact that he wished he had such a creation when he lost his pearly whites.  Oh men... he's convinced tooth fairy pillows aren't for boys.  While I was perusing some of my favorite blogs this morning I came across something amazing with the most perfect timing.  you guessed it... a super wonderful DIY tooth fairy pillow and wait there's more this awesome mom blogger created this pillow for her... SON!  Perfect.  Do check out this awesome DIY toothfair pillow by Ashley of The Handmade Home. This couldn't have been scripted better had I paid a hollywood script writer to help me prove my point.  You better bet that when our little man gets that first wiggly tooth I'm packing the whole crew up to head to JoAnn's ...{Daddy and all}...

Back to work on my new blog design and banner.  Have a great weekend everyone!

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  1. Oh Erica, how I identify. I too am going to be changing the look and probably the platform for my blog. Scary!

    As a newby to reading your blog, I do like it, new blog friend.