Busy day! I'm still getting over this cold. I spent most of the day creating the new and improved my sOnflower banner. Woo woo! Yeah!  No seriously, do you have any thoughts?

I'm so impressed by the creative bloggers I follow.  Most of them have been doing the whole blog thing for a while and have a bit of money to hire a designer.  It's so intimidating entering into the realm of blogging with so many awesome people out there creating their own wonderful blogs.  Hopefully there's room for me.

I'm super frugal to the point of being convinced I can do something on my own just to save a little money.  Just ask my husband how many times I've told him I'll build us new kitchen cabinets.  As goofy as it sounds that project is still on my to do list and yes one day I'll accomplish it.  This banner is case in point.  Anyway hopefully it will bring a new level of professionality to my sOnflower ...{yes I know, professionality is not a word~ but I like it& it gets the job done}...  Sure there's room for improvement! Not to pat myself on the back or anything but I'd say it's pretty good considering I have no web design experience...{until now}... and I just downloaded a design program 2 days ago.  

That's one of my favorite things about my experience as a blogger I've been pushed to try new things, to experiment, to learn and to trust in my abilities.

May you each have a weekend full of new and beautiful things!

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  1. I love the banner and the handmade buttons! Very creative! Sorry I'm posting so many comments, I just really like the new look and content!