Jingle all the way

Another morning searching for creativity.  Then I quite literaly happened upon this quote from an etsy shop owner.  "I no longer see ruts as a bad thing. Instead, I use them as a sign that I need to take a moment to stop, breathe and reevaluate." — DolorisPetunia

Man what perfect advice.  Wishing technology was on my side, I'm ready to make the best of it.  Dear camera fairy please swoop in and fix this little broken camera! Please!  How about looking at the computer volume while you're here.  Oh and can you sprinkle me with fairy dust so I can get to work, stay on task and make this another super productive day in the life of this my sOnflower shop owner.

My happy little to do list:
Business card designs
At least 2 new creations for Etsy
Finish the second candy cane wreath
Finish the next two sets of votive holders
Experiment with seashells!
Create a how to post for jar luminaries
Have fun!
Oh and don't forget to do the laundry and whip up something for dinner!

As odd as it may sound I love this!  It's the perfect work day and I end most days feeling very fulfilled with my creative endeavors!

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