A different kind of creativity

 Damon has a severe cold so today I stayed home with him.  Technically I would have been home anyhow~ Wednesday is typically a my sOnflower creativity day.  I put that aside to spend time cuddling, playing and coming up with creative ways to make this little guy feel better.  He's currently sleeping strewn across my lap and left arm snoring peacefully.  I'm hoping to get a bit of creating done tonight or tomorrow evening. As much as I hate Damon being sick it's been helpful to be reminded of exactly why I'm here doing this... my family.  I'm so very fortunate!

I'm the meantime here are some pictures of one of my favorite new projects.

...{Inspirational Bird votive holders}...


  1. Oh My God, those are so pretty! You made those? I want one for Christmas! Very very nice!

    I'm still waiting to see how those Christmas tree decorations come out!

  2. Thanks Amanda! I was so excited once they were finally complete and then when I turned off the lights I felt like I finally did something right.

    I still need to get working on the Christmas trees. I'm hoping to put a small set of them on my desk at work to spruce things up for the holidays. I'll post a picture and etsy listing as soon as I tackle this project!