Studio Transformation

Eek huge mess in the studio.  What a way to start the work day.

...{Wait for it}... 

A little organization and taa daa...

I know I know what a transformation!  I'm still patting myself on the back.  Okay not really, I'm just glad the boring part of this endeavor is over.  I think this studio is officially a pretty workable space.  Today's mission is to post items on Etsy.  The big launch takes place Sunday!  Check back for a coupon code exclusively for friends and family.

  What do you think of the pennant banner I've been working on? 
So proud of this beauty! I just made this paper holder this morning.


  1. Wow very impressed with the paper holder and banner! How cute!

  2. What a sweet transformation! Love the way the paper holder and banner came out.